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Meisner Progression Interviews with Robin Lynn Smith - June 2013
My Meisner Journey Part Three of Three by Alexandra Gobeille - January 2013
My Meisner Journey Part Two of Three by Alexandra Gobeille - December 2012
My Meisner Journey Part One by Alexandra Gobeille - December 2012
LAMDA Week 3 by Phillip Mitchell - August 2011

My Intro to Acting Experience by David Caldwell - April 2014
"You Get It When You Get It" by Kate Gavigan - January 2014
Emerging in Freehold Classes by Laura Nelson - January 2014
My Scene Study Text Intensive Experience by Elizabeth Wu - December 2013
Exceptional Beginning Acting Classes in Seattle at Freehold Theatre - September 2013
My Freehold Experience: Taking Acting Classes to Improve my English by Bernardo Rivas - June 2013
The Perfect Place to Have a Mid-Life Crisis by Lori Stein - April 2012
"Going For It" by Noelle Mestres - March 2012
Blog Post #2: My Step II: Acting with Text Journey by Noelle Mestres - February 2012
"Doing Things I didn't think I could do" by Noelle Mestres - February 2012
The Treasures of Step III: Basic Scene Study by Josephine Hoy - July 2011
Step II: Work Ethic, Respect, Passion by Christina Bauer - December 2010
From Our Studio: Commitment, Play the Action, Make Choices by Denise Powell - September 2010

New Acting Tools by Brianna Chicha - August 2011
My Freehold Class Experience by David Hogan - June 2012

ACTING-The Business End
10 Tips for a Great Headshot by John Ulman -October 7, 2013

Overcoming My Auditioning Fears by Elizabeth Zeff - October 2011
Demystifying Auditioning at Freehold by Bart Smith - January 2014

Interview With Freehold ETI Alums: Riley Neldam and Lori Evans - April 2014
On Truth, Beauty and Color...with a dab of career counseling by Jesse Putnam - December 2010
It Takes a Village to Write a Solo by Melissa Topscher - November 2010
Hungry for It - Elizabeth's Freehold ETI Experience - October 2010

My New Creative Home by Leslie Moulton Asplund - June 2014
My Film Directing Class Experience by Andy Tribolini -September 23, 2013

My Matt Smith's Improv Intensive Experience by David Mielke - August 2014
Improving by CT Doescher - August 2012


So You Want to be Zorro by Geoff Alm - September 19, 2013
Playing with Swords by Emily Fortuna - October 2012
Biomechanics Intensive: Arming the Imagination - September 2012
My Discoveries in Movement Class by Shannon Kringen - October 2011

10 Responses to the Personal Clown Question: Why for Actors? by George Lewis - July 2014
The Wonders of Personal Clown by Laura-Beth Straight - June 2014
What Splitting My Pants Taught Me About Being Human or Lessons from Personal Clown with George by Cathleen O'Malley - December 2011

Interview with Playwriting Students Sue McNally and Caitlin Coey - September 23, 2013
Incremental Progress by Rebecca Tourino - September 2012
Finding Out What I Didn't Know by Ann Eisenberg - June 2012
"I Get No Kick From Champagne" by Tania Sung - January 2012
The New Play Lab and Showcase: Renewing My Interest and Imagination by Malika Lee - October 2011
New Play Lab Opportunities at Freehold by Kathryn Van Meter - September 2011
From Our Studio: Freehold's Summer New Play Lab Truth as Theme by Dickey Nesenger - September 2010

Rediscovering the Bard by Alyssa Keene - August 2012

Diving Into the Unknown by Valerie Mannucci - March 2013
My Solo Experience by Sarah Steinberg - August 2012

The Summer of Poetry Immersion by Daemond Arrindell - September 2010

My Voice Class Experience by Jane Anne Wilder- November 2011

A Few Thoughts About Suzuki Movement Training by Shanga Parker - December 2010

Freehold's ETI Graduates Upcoming Work -  July 2011

Freehold Theatre Acting Class Testimonials - August 2014
Moving Safely on Stage by Marie Verschueren - April 2014
Almost Magical by Archana Srikanta - September 23, 2013
Memories of Freehold: Freehold Inspires My "Little Dance" by Sharon N. Williams - December 2011
Studio Chat with John Paulsen and John Klein - September 2011
My Memories of Freehold: Fully Committing to the Task by David Friedt - December 2010
The George Lewis Experience or How I Learned to Shut Up and Throw the Damned Stone by Johnathan Nawn - December 2010
Character vs. Caricature in Performance by Kristen Alexander - November 2010

My Studio Experience by Lisa Skvarla - March 2014
My Studio Series Experience by Susan Bradford - March 2014
My Studio Series Experience: Performing Outside Your Comfort Zone by Karen Polinsky - March 2014
Meeting Nemesis by Ana Maria Capoy - March 2013
The Studio Series May Make You Wanna Jump Back and Kiss Yourself! by Amontaine Aurore Woods - December 2012
Studio Series Revisited by Kirsten McCory - October 2010

The Story Behind the Poster: Interview With Annya Uslontseva - July 2014
My Henry IV Journey by Grace Carmack - June 2014
Our Road Trip to Freehold and Henry IV by Tony Pasqualini - June 2014
Power to Heal by Kristin Alexander  - April 2014
Power of Art in Action: WCCW Residency by Eva Abram - September 23, 2013
My Engaged Theatre Experience by Lucinda Stroud - June 2013
Sisu by Rebecca Tourino - March 2013
"Say What?" by Jessica Robinson - January 2013
Unknown Endings by Christine Marie Brown - August 2012
A Very Human Communion by Joshua Holguin - August 2012
Working with Freehold on King Lear by Annett Mateo - July 2012
Freehold Touring Shakespeare's King Lear - June 2012
Facing Up to Things by Kevin McKeon - June 2012
My Experience with Freehold's Engaged Theatre Program by Eric Ray Anderson - March 2012
"Breaking Through" at Monroe Correctional Center for Men by Jose Gonzales - February 2012
Interview with Tony Pasqualini - January 2012
My Story of My Work by Taryn Collins - December 2010
Interview with Sharon Williams, Engaged Theatre's Teaching Artist - December 2010
From Our Theatre Lab: Embrace by Vanessa Skantze - September 2010
Freehold's Engaged Theatre Program at Prison by Trina Harris - July 2010
Thanking the God's for Julius Caesar - June 2010

Interview with Freehold Faculty Member Andrew McGinn - June 2013
Getting to Know Christine Marie Brown - January 2013
Interview with Freehold's Associate Partners - January 2013
A Few Things I've Learned from My Step I Students by Meg McLynn - February 2012
A Chat with Faculty Member Paul Budraitis - December 2011
Interview with John Billingsley and George Lewis - September 2011

Having Fun in Comic Text Scene Study by Andrew McGinn - March 2014
The Exercise and The Show by Andrew McGinn - November 2013
Backstage at "The Trial" with Amy Thone - April 2013
Oh My God, Robin Smith and John Jacobsen Teaching in the Same Room? by John Jacobsen  - November 2012
The Secret to Working with Teenagers by Daemond Arrindell - December 2011
Responding to a Calling by Joel Benjamin - December 2010
You Have to Keep Doing Your Show by Darragh Kennan - November 2010

Freehold Faculty Upcoming Work - August 2013
Freehold Faculty Members' Upcoming Work - May 2013

Freehold Awarded a 2012 Mayor's Arts Award - September 2012

Sandbox Radio Worth the Wait by Paul Mullin -  September 2011
Interview with Sandbox Artists Collective Member Amy Love on SOAP Fest - January 2014

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