Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Our Studio: "Commitment, Play the Action, Make Choices" by Denise Powell

"Commitment, Play the Action, Make Choices," these are all words that you'll hear and experience as part of the Intro to Acting I class with George Lewis.

We start our first class by standing in a circle, taking a temperature of how each person is feeling and then launching into a series of movements with our bodies, I mean your entire body! I hope you're not shy because this class is all about experiencing the action not just being an innocent bystander. I soon realized people come for all different reasons, to feel more confident, those that are actively pursuing the profession and those that have just always secretly wanted to take an acting class.

There were many different experiences in this class; one of my favorites was one where you bring in something of importance to you. We weren't given any more information about what to bring. Each person got the opportunity in front of the group to re-live their recollection of the item. It was wonderful to see and feel that person's experience. It was also a chance to be vulnerable and see how that experience can make you and the audience feel. In George's words "that was lovely to watch".

Another great assignment was the 2 Minute Exercise where you choose a recent ordinary moment and recreate that in class. You also bring in and set the stage for that moment. You'll never look at ordinary every day moments quite the same anymore. Humanity is so much fun to watch and experience. You don't even know the idiosyncrasies each of us have until you put a spotlight on it. It's what makes acting so interesting.

I've taken several classes other places but this felt like I really was taking my first 'real' acting class here at Freehold. I know this is what I want to do even though I know it's one of the most competitive careers out there. I really appreciated the constructive feedback that George gave; he was specific and knowledgeable in his responses. I really liked and appreciated his no nonsense and direct approach. I would highly recommend this class to anyone ready to take a crack at this acting thing. I'm sure you'll walk away hungry for more, I know I did!!!

Denise's Fellow Summer Intro to Acting students had their own thoughts on their Freehold acting experience:

"I experienced a wonderful connection with myself and my partners in the different activities we did. It was amazing what place you can get to when you really open yourself up and become vulnerable in the moment with yourself and your partner." - Dani

"Class provided me the chance to break down, examine and understand what I felt during the exercise. The activities challenged me and got me thinking in a whole new way. Instead of ignoring feelings to maintain appearances which often happens in real life we were asked to express those feelings. It was great." - Holly

"This class helped me develop my whole instrument with vocal and movement exercises. I learned how to use my voice and body to be a stronger actor." -Brie

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