Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Freehold Faculty Members' Upcoming Work

Daemond Arrindell produces the Seattle Poetry Slam, every Tuesday 8pm, Re-bar, 1114 Howell St., for more info. 

Paul Budraitis will be performing in On the Boards' NW New Works, June 15, 16 at 8:00 pm. More info here

Christine Marie Brown will be in Chick Flick: The Musical on June 3rd at Solo Bar, 7:00 pm. And in the next Endangered Species Project play reading of The Forest by Alexander Ostrovsky on Monday June 10th at 7:00 pm at North Seattle Community College.              

Susanna Burney will be in Samuel Beckett's Rockaby at West of Lenin in July.  She will also be in Book-It Repertory Theatre's She's Come Undone in September.     

John Jacobsen is resigning from TheFilmSchool as its Executive Director this summer after ten years at its helm.  John, while proud of his work at TheFilmSchool, is excited to get to focus on directing, writing, and his photography. He will be directing a web series, directing a feature that shoots in Wyoming and then hopefully a film he just optioned by Sarah Conradt who is the screenwriter of JJ Abrams' latest project, Dead of Winter. 

Marya Sea Kaminski will be in Other Desert Cities, at ACT running from May 31 - June 30th. More info here.

John Longenbaugh has had his play Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol picked up for publication by Dramatists in New York, as well as his 10 minute play mini-cycle Arcana by Dramatic Publishing in Chicago. I've also co-written and will co-direct a web series pilot that shoots this summer ("Norm Owenson, Medieval Mercenary") and a workshop of my new musical Anybody Can Do Anything goes up in August. (It's been a busy couple of months!)

Meg McLynn and Amy Thone will be in The Tempest at Wooden O running from July 11 - August 11. More info here

Andy McGinn (directing), Elizabeth Heffron (playwright), Paul Mullin (playwright and actor), Gin Hammond (actor), Carol Roscoe (directing) are participating in Sandbox Artists Collective's Soapfest One Act Play running from June 13 - June 15.  More info here                          

Andy McGinn is performing in the workshopping of Freehold's Engaged Theatre's Henry IV.  He will also be acting in a world premiere dance piece by Donald Byrd called Autopsy of Love. More info here     
Matt Smith will be shooting a film of the monologue My Last Year with the Nuns this July.