Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Memories of Freehold: Fully Committing to the Task by David Friedt

I remember the first evening of my first Freehold class; “Introduction to Acting I”, George Lewis was the instructor. Twelve of us sat in a circle and stated our reasons for taking this class. I was amazed that each of us gave a similar response. We wanted to explore this marvelous craft, acting, with which each of us had a life long connection.

Remembering the classes I have taken and the friends I have made at Freehold, gives me pause. To say that I have taken wonderful classes would short change the benefits I have reaped. It is the life affirming, life changing experience that I treasure. It is in knowing that when I commit fully to the character, that is the best I can offer, and that when that character is truthful, the audience will get it, and make a connection. As that first class ended, George gave us quote from the philosopher Goethe. To paraphrase, “When one commits fully to the task, fate steps in and opens doors that were never dreamed in ways that were never imagined”. Those words have influenced and inspired my work at Freehold and my life in profound ways.

Freehold challenged me to discover new personal depth and talents. These moments of discovery are as fresh in my mind as the day they happened. George Lewis in the “Personal Clown”, after four weeks of class, what he was prompting for suddenly hit me. He wanted total commitment from the clown, and for the clown to trust that his performance would be successful. I continued to take classes at Freehold. Again and again, throughout the Meisner Progression and in the Ensemble Training Intensive, the same consistent message, if you commit it works!

I have been a student and on the Board of Directors of Freehold for nine years. I expect to be here many years from now. Working together, taking classes, volunteering, contributing, we can all be part of the wonderful place that is Freehold. I am committed to the success of Freehold, and I know each of us know how to “commit fully as we make that entrance on stage”. Oh yes, “break a leg”.

David has been a student at Freehold since 2001 and a member of the Board of Directors since 2006. He first discovered acting in High School and College, and after a career as a commercial pilot, he returned to acting through his work at Freehold.
Top Photo: David Friedt
Middle Photo: Personal Clown Class

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