Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freehold's Student and Alum Upcoming Shows

Elizabeth Deutsch and several other Freehold alums including Lori Stein, Cris Berns, Amber Cutlip, Elizabeth Deutsch, Lisa Every, Toan Le, Sachie Mikawa, Carter Rodriquez, Sally Rose, Sara Rucker Thiessen, Ryan Sanders, Tom Spangenberg along with Ted Dowling are performing in The Suicide as part of BASH Theatre's production which runs from December 3 through December 19th. The play is directed by George Lewis. For tickets:

Eleanor Moseley, will be in Women Seeking ....a theatre company's The Torch-Bearers by George Kelly along with Larry Albert*, Kayti Barnett, Laurie Bialik, Susan Connors, Brandon Felker, Laura Hanson, Eric Helland, Rachel Jackson, Rebecca Olson, Richard Sloniker, Kate Szyperki at Richard Hugo House. It will run from December 3 - 18. For tickets:

Jenny Schmidt will be performing in Wing-It Productions' of About Rudolph: The Next Verse - An Untold Reindeer Tale running December 2 - 23rd. Purchase tickets here.

Xan Scott will be performing in Ear to the Ground Theatre's Not All Clowns are Bozos at Theatre Off Jackson from January 13-15. For Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets.

Andy Tribolini has a part in a movie called Cathechism Cataclysm that will be showing in the midnight program at Sundance in January.

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