Wednesday, January 4, 2012

“I Get No Kick From Champagne” by Tania Sung

Tania – female, Chinese-Canadian and thereby looks young for her age
God – Omniscient, good sense of humour, non- corporeal form, eternal
A living room in a small rental apartment in Bellevue, decorated with a mish-mash of furniture cobbled together over the years from Craigslist and IKEA. It is a cool summer night and there is the occasional sound of loud footsteps and laughter that comes from the thin ceiling above.

TANIA: What should I do?
GOD: Ah… your favourite question.
TANIA: I’m way too predictable.
GOD: Take playwriting.
TANIA: What? You’re actually answering me?
GOD: Yes. Playwriting.
TANIA: I’m not sure I---
GOD: You’ll enjoy yourself.
TANIA: But the I-90 traffic is--
GOD: A mess. But at least there’s no tolling.
TANIA: I don’t know if I’ll write anything worthwhile…
GOD: …Trust me.

…and the seed was planted. I finally enrolled in Playwriting I last fall because I wanted to better understand how to effectively use words. I found that while oftentimes my words failed, I still had a tendency to use too many.

Lo and behold that in the second week of class, I learned that words didn’t need to do all the heavy lifting because there was so much mystery to be tilled with subtext. Moreover, as someone who struggles with grammar, I secretly derived glee from punctuating incorrectly to create my own rhythm.

The final homework assignment was to create a ten minute play based on the theme, “I Get No Kick From Champagne.” Although the entire writing process was challenging, my biggest hurdle was to develop a premise that could sustain my interest for ten minutes. I bored myself with my first two writing attempts because I tried too hard to be clever or funny at the expense of emotional truth. Since the assignment deadline loomed, I released my need to write a lighthearted play and decided to heed Elizabeth Heffron’s advice to “write what disturbs you”.

I gathered my courage and wrote about two broken people and the painful aftermath of their dysfunctional relationship. After the initial feedback from some friends, I was upset to discover I had accidentally written a bad soap opera. But as I proceeded to make some revisions, I chose not to change the core story because this very messy play was an inadequate but honest expression of my heart.

For our last class, my classmates and I had a night of play readings for an intimate audience plied with bubbly in honour of the theme. Far from my worst fear that my writing was woefully inadequate, I was touched to see that my play, along with my classmates’ excellent interpretations of the characters, could move people’s hearts.

My first ten-minute play is far from perfect but I’m proud of it. Yes, God’s guidance was spot-on (again). But I couldn’t have done it without Elizabeth Heffron and Dickey Nesenger’s instruction and encouragement, nor pushed through the self-doubt without all the support from my classmates and my friends.

And here’s my toast to my entire class: I get a kick out of you!


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