Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kudos for Freehold from Fans

Photo of some past Freehold Fans, Bob Rousseau (Seattle-ite), Jeff Woodbridge (New Yorker) and Jenn Hamblin (New Yorker) reuniting in NYC and sending Freehold a "Happy 20th" sign.

"When I walked into Freehold in 1996 I started walking up the stairs and said "I'm home!! And I was." Zoe W.

"Robin, George, Kate, Zoe, et al., you have changed my life in too many ways to name since that first Acting I class. All the best. All my love." Nathania

"Freehold touches more lives than can be measured in class attendance and audiences. Thank you for helping better our world." Eva B.

"Congrats and thanks for creating and continuing the miracle that is Freehold!" Lara S.

"Thank you, Robin for welcoming me into your class and to Freehold - it has been everything I could ask for and so much more! Words do not express what you've given me. You bring your all and ask the same of us. And thank you, CT, Gin and George! Each of you are uniquely wonderful teachers. My life is richer for it. Much love." Lucinda M.

"Freehold changed my life!" Thank you, Robin." Kiki Y.

"Freehold you rock." Love, Q.

"Some of my best moments ever were made or originated in Freehold including the moment I walked into my first Impulse and Transformation class and realized I was the only guy in the class!"

"F.H. You've got 20 more years to get this right." Jim L.

"Such vulnerable work. Such a great ride. Congrats on 20 years!" Grace

"Thank you!" Caroline

"George and Robin, So many small things you've said, in class and Rehearsal have stayed with me, changed my acting, changed my life. Your presence and heart is extraordinary." Thank you!" Amber

"LOVE Freehold! You are part of my daily life. Thank you for all the inspiration." Xan

"Dearest Robin, You're swell! George, you suck (smiley face) - oops I'm in trouble if I ever take Clown. Congrats to Freehold!" Cheers, Monica C.

"Freehold is the best! The wonderful teachers have passed their gift onto me and I couldn't thank them enough." Jake A.

"Summer 1999, Lee Eisler and Robin L. Smith, Abby Enson and Mik Kuhlman ... these women literally; gave my heart and my voice a home." Thank you.

"I started taking classes through Antioch University. I had no idea how much taking acting classes would change my life." Thank you! Kymberlee D.

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