Thursday, September 15, 2011

Freehold's Faculty Upcoming Work

Reginald Andre Jackson and Amy Thone are playing Titania and Oberon, respectively, in A Midsummer Night's Dream for Seattle Shakespeare Company, produced at the Intiman, runs Opens October 20 - November 13. Directed by Sheila Daniels. Freehold's Ensemble Training Intensive (ETI) student Riley Neldam will be playing Flute.

Elizabeth Heffron's
full-length play Mitzi's Abortion has three upcoming productions on the East Coast, including Ithaca, NY in February, 2012. The play has been chosen by Naomi Iizuka along with Paul Mullin's play The American Book of the Dead for the 3rd edition of The Manifesto Series, published by Rain City Projects. Elizabeth's new, almost-completed, short radio play, Pipe Play will be performed for Sandbox Radio Live! At West of Lenin, on October 10.

John Jacobsen's
The Artist Toolbox, currently playing nationwide on PBS and gearing up for its second season with Helen Mirren, Jules Feiffer, Bon Jovi, Carolina Herrera, and more, also airs on Alaska Airlines' DigEplayer, so next time you fly, listen to how today's artistic mavericks create their art and follow their bliss. Both John Jacobsen's latest films are winning awards and making the rounds across the globe. Arthur just won The Action/Cut Award for Best Fiction Film, Best of Fest Award which is given to the top 5% of films in the country each year, and is playing nearby at the Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival this weekend at SIFF Cinema, at the Port Townsend Film Festival September 23 & 24, and the prestigious Vancouver International Film Festival October 4 & 5. You can also see it online now at and it will soon be distributed by Indieflix. Spinning, his other short, was just completed and played right out of the gate at the Columbia Gorge International Festival nearby, where audiences were lucky enough to see the great performances of Amy Thone.

John Longenbaugh's Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol is going to be produced this holiday at Portland's Artist's Repertory Theatre and Neil Ferron and John Longenbaugh are up for Gregory Awards for their plays.

Marya Sea Kaminski will be participating in Red Light Nights as part of the City Arts Festival at the Paramount on the evening of October 20th. Guests will have the opportunity to experience an intimate one-on-one performance with an artist of their choice - including Tim Stackpole, The Satori Group and Marya.

George Lewis directed Le Frenchwords' Fancy Mud, featuring Ben Burris, Sachie Mikawa and Carter Rodriquez.

Paul Mullin's play Louis Slotin Sonata will receive a production at Cal State - Long Beach or "Cal Rep", on the Queen Mary. And the second episode of his noir-angel-detective story, Markheim will be part of Sandbox Radio's second edition on October 10.

Annette Toutonghi, Dan Tierney, Sarah Harlett and Gin Hammond will also be performing in the Sandbox Radio's second edition of the Sandbox Radio Show on October 10.

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