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Directing Class Testimonials from Freehold Alums

Freehold is excited to be offering our "The Directing Workshop: Process and Practice for Stage and Film" with John Jacobsen and Robin Lynn Smith again this Winter Quarter. This hands-on directing workshop, designed for directors at all levels, is a unique opportunity to work with two master teachers from two different worlds. For more information on this class and how directors and actors can apply, go here. To see the testimonials from past students, see below.

"The Film Director's Lab is nothing short of a graduate program. The lab's structure empowers fellow directors to go deeper into the subtext of written material alongside writing one's own short screenplay and to understand the nuances of working with actors among other things. The most enriching aspect of the lab is the ongoing feedback, mentoring and coaching from the faculty - John Jacobsen and Robin Lynn Smith. Their love for the art and craft of directing is evident from their commitment to the field. To experience them collectively is a gift that will keep on giving. Finally, the best part of the lab for me is the strong community and friendships I have formed with fellow directors and actors. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to be in this lab. It delivers so much more than it promises to. I would do it again!"- Monish Gangwani

"This class is undoubtedly invaluable because Robin and John, respected and admired masters in the art of acting and filmmaking in our region are teaching it.  Together they have created a unique opportunity to learn how to direct films in a manner that is practical that considers all the important elements needed to complete a film project successfully.  By working on three projects in class I learned to write a screenplay,  to let go and trust in the abilities of other members of my team,  the rules of translating word to image and shooting effective scenes, the importance of storyboarding and the shot list to arrive well prepared before the day of filming and the important and often overlooked main role of a director. Knowing how to work with actors to help them bring on the best performance on set.  The technical and the artistic parts of cinema, the science and art interlaced intimately as they are especially in the world of film.  In a personally meaningful way and as an alumna of Freehold who started taking acting 101 5 years ago, Freehold made this program accessible to me.  Something that felt impossible to achieve in the 80s as a teenager walking into Columbia College in Chicago and dreaming of becoming a filmmaker.   Robin and John gave me an incredible gift, the opportunity to make that shelved 30 year old dream a reality - to not only study it but be a filmmaker from day 1.   And for that I’m grateful." -Maristela Diaz

"This was probably the best class I've ever taken. John and Robin are both brilliant, challenging voices who bring total commitment and passion to every minute they are in class. I took some big drinks from the humility firehose, but feel vastly more prepared to continue the journey thanks to their lazer critiques and guidance." - Devin Hermanson

"This class brought me to life.  For the first time I wasn’t overcome with worry about how I was doing or whether I was good enough.  I just wanted to learn ... to experience ... to grow.  John and Robin live that approach to their craft and they create a safe place for their students to live it as well.  There was so much to learn, even though the 8 director-students knew a fair amount about film making already.  I felt both excited and nearly overwhelmed.  But Robin and John adjusted the course to fit our needs as we went along, making sure we got what we needed in order to build a foundation of competence and move progressively forward in developing our craft." - Leslie Asplund. To read more about Leslie's experience in the class, go here.

“I got into the filmmaking game almost 15 years ago. In that time I've done just about every job you can imagine and wound up making my living as an editor. Though I'd done some writing and directing here and there, my experience in these disciplines was, well, less than disciplined. When the opportunity came about to apply for the Freehold film directing course with John Jacobsen and Robin Lynn Smith, I jumped at it. The small class size and very direct interaction with John and Robin was a very real plus for me as having direct access to the experience and wisdom of these two was invaluable. The class itself was rigorous and demanded a lot of time and energy on my part. It required me to push myself into uncomfortable territories that ultimately increased my confidence in my ability to work with actors, get to the heart of a story and coax the best performance possible out of the cast. Coupling the director's track with an actors track is a stroke of genius as there was never a shortage of talented, up-and-coming talent that were similarly motivated to enhance their craft. This class has given me the skills and confidence to not only direct narrative films, but it has also made me a better, more disciplined editor and writer.” – Kirk Nordstenstrom

“I’ve studied with some of the most highly respected names in the business, schools and working film and TV professionals on both coasts. John’s and Robin’s Film Directing Course is unique and extraordinary in my experience. Their focus, intensity, and commitment to making you a better artist is unparalleled. Their course is a crucible from which you will emerge a leap ahead in your chosen craft, whether it’s directing, writing, or acting. You may meet your community of creative collaborators, as I did. Given the opportunity as an emerging director to take a course like this, from two instructors of this caliber, there’s only one answer...yes!” –Jeff Barber


Freehold will be offering our Directing class again this coming Winter Quarter entitled "The Directing Workshop: Process and Practice for Stage and Film" with John Jacobsen and Robin Lynn Smith. Applications are now available. Deadline for directors to apply is December 8th and deadline for actors to apply is November 24th.
More information on the class and how to apply:

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