Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Why Take Improv Intensive this Summer?

Freehold Faculty Member Matt Smith will be teaching our Improv Intensive again this Summer.  Read Matt's thoughts about the benefits of the Improv Intensive below.


I did the Improv Intensive for 12 summers straight and it added to the quality of my life, to work that closely with 150 people from all walks of life. I am still in touch with most of them, and often hear how taking the intensive was pivotal for them, and what they are now doing.

One thing that makes it gel is the always looming two performances at the end. Why two? Because I don't want anyone having a great, high energy show, or a seeming disaster, and walking out thinking that's the way it is!

After week two, largely because of the upcoming shows, attendance in class is perfect. People stay after and practice. It becomes about taking care of each other. And improv has a system for that.

Here's information on Matt's Improv Intensive class at Freehold:

Location: Black Box at Freehold Theatre
Performances Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2 at 7:00pm
$575 Discounted Price
$695 Full Price

All levels of experience welcome. This intensive will cover basic principles of improv, which will reach into your bones! We start from scratch, ending with two (2) performances! Why 2? To double your sample size. Otherwise you might have a great show and leave with the delusion that it's always like that!

It's challenging, fun, and transformative in obvious and subtle ways. Lots of incredible people have been through this training! Graduates use their improv training as teachers, nurses, film & TV actors, parents, congressmen, doctors, spouses, executives, negotiators, real estate agents, trial attorneys, pastors, movie producers, therapists, and waiters.

To register: 

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