Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Freehold Faculty Upcoming Performances

Geof Alm is just opening Jesus Christ Superstar at the Village Theatre and will be doing fights for Aladdin at The 5th Avenue Theatre and Porgy and Bess at Seattle Opera this summer.

Gin Hammond will be doing a live reading of a Sherlock Holmes mystery at the Kirkland Performance Center on May 16th. Gin will also be teaching a Voice Over Workshop this summer at Freehold.

Sarah Harlett is an understudy at Seattle Children's Theatre right now in Jackie & Me and is the costume designer for Macbeth coming up this summer at Wooden O/Seattle Shakespeare, running July 7 - 31.

Reginald Andre Jackson plays Henry Drummond, the Chicago attorney (based on Clarence Darrow) in Strawshops' Inherit the Wind. The show will be running in September 2011.

John Jacobsen's series The Artist Toolbox is currently playing on PBS across the country and is slated to start its international release this summer. PBS has requested a second season, and he starts shooting that this summer, with artists such as Helen Mirren, Angela Landsbury, Dave Brubeck, Jules Feiffer, and Carolina Hererra. The short he directed, ARTHUR, plays in the Seattle International Film Festival on May 29th, and his other short, SPINNING, is slated for release early this summer as well. John is also teaching Acting for the Camera at Freehold this summer.

Reginald Andre Jackson will be performing in MacBeth at Wooden O/Seattle Shakespeare Company this summer (running July 7 - 31).

Jessica Jobaris will be performing at On the Boards as part of the NW New Works Festival on June 11th & 12th 8pm, "You're the stuff that sets me free." An extraordinary cast of eight Seattle luminary performers cope with crisis as they hilariously wrestle with the metaphysical and psycho-therapy. For more information, On the Boards.

Cyrus Khambatta will have their annual Seattle International Dance Festival coming up June 10-19 and has a few works that he is presenting.

Timothy Piggee is on Broadway in Catch Me If You Can.

Carol Roscoe will be appearing at ACT Theater in Pilgrims Musa and Sheri in the New World by Yussef El Guindi. More info at Carol's website http://www.carolroscoe.com Carol will be teaching Business of Theater at Freehold this summer.

Matt Smith is performing his solo show All My Children at The Ottawa Fringe Festival, Jun 16-26. And at The Marsh in Berkeley, the first four weekends of July. Tell your Ottawa, and Bay Area friends!

Rhonda J. Soikowski will be performing: Entropy. Redress. A dress was built in a boutique in Los Angeles - then it went on a trip and something happened. Rhonda performs live with digital collaborator contributions from more than 40 artists. Seattle performances - June 2, 3, 4, 5

Robin Lynn Smith will be directing Freehold's Engaged Theatre production of Pericles this summer. More information to come soon on our Pericles production. More information on Engaged Theatre: Engaged Theatre.

Billie Wildrick performs in Guys and Dolls at The 5th Avenue Theatre running May 12 - June 5.

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