Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freehold's 16th Annual Studio Series

March 11 - 26, 2011

Three Weekends with a Different Line-Up Each Week!

Friday and Saturday nights, 7:00 and 9:30 pm
@ Freehold, 2222 2nd Avenue, 2nd floor
Tickets: available at the door only
All tickets are Pay What You Can
Box office opens one hour prior to the show
($10 Suggested Donation)

The Studio Series is our highly anticipated yearly event that presents work created by current and former Freehold students, lab members, and faculty. 2011 will be our 16th year of presenting this very popular series. We regard the Series as an opportunity to investigate work in a "studio" setting and then to experience the evolution of the work through performance.

The Studio Series runs for three weekends from March 11 through March 26, 2011. Each week will have a different line-up of performances with two performances on Friday night and two on Saturday night.

We look forward to seeing you there!

WEEK ONE: March 11 - 12, 7:00 and 9:30 pm

THE MAGICIAN'S ASSISTANT, by Bonnie Foster; Cast: Thomas Alberto, Ron Corwin, Jess Haynie-Lavelle, Marsee Skidmore, Ultrakarl, Amanda Woodard; Director: Bonnie Foster
SHE WAS CALLED SANDY, by Jenny Rachel Weiner; Cast: Jessica Grant, Narea Kang, Henry Mark; Director: Norah Elges
IN SESSION, by Jonathan Locke; Cast: E.J. Gong, Amber Zipperer; Director:Rebecca Goldberg
NUT HUT, Cast: Ashley Almon, Cody Bernius, Cory Blankenship, Kevin Dailey; Director: Kevin Dailey
SCENE FROM A PLAY, Cast: Chris Parks, Michael Su; Director: Eric Jordan
WALKING AWAY, by Machelle Allman; Cast: Machelle Allman, Kristal Baker, Lisa Larsen, Natalie Moe; Director: Rachel Bowen

WEEK TWO: March 18 - 19, 7:00 and 9:30 pm

AVACADO, by Jesse Putnam, Cast: Tom Brophy, Kevin Dailey; Directors: Julianna Chen, Jesse Putnam
SCENE FROM A PLAY, Cast: Aaron Moore, Robert Riedl, Jenni Taggart; Director: Fred Cassidy
THE TAMING OF WHO?, by Shakespeare, Cast: Lee Ann Hittenberger, Ken Michels; Director: Gordon Coffey
FRANCES FARMER HAS ALREADY HAD HER REVENGE ON SEATTLE, by Tony Leahy, Cast: Tony Leahy; Director: Julie Horowitz
BANQUET, Cast: Susie McGee, Tom Spangenberg; Director: David Taft

WEEK THREE: March 25 - 26, 7:00 and 9:30 pm

OCCUPIED! Cast: Estrella P. de Leon, Melinda Parks, Director: Tania Sung
FAIR EXCHANGE, by Geoffrey Spelman, Cast: Robert Agonstinelli, Betty Campbell; Director: Wesley K. Andrews
GATED, by Scott Maddock, Cast:Meli Alexander, Samantha Camp, Richard Carmen, Jennifer Davies, Steven Gomez, Caleb Joslin, Russ Kay; Director: L. Nicol Cabe
SAFEWORD, by Jaime Cara; Cast: Jaime Cara, John Flick, Emily Hove, Tony Leahy, Steve Lombardi; Director: Emily Hove
DIGITAL STAR BOY, by Caleb Slavens, Cast: Caleb Slavens; Director: Gin Hammond

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